I’m doing this because peOPLE ARE OVERUSING USING THE SMOOTH TOOL. stop this. 

So for my SFX work I use facetune, now you’re probably like OMG SHE EDITS HER MAKEUP ON AND MAKES IT LOOK BETTER THAN IT ACTUALLY IS!!!  

*eye roll* My work always looks good, I’m proud of how it looks, there are many videos that are unable to be edited that are great. However when it comes to photos they can be underwhelming. 

So today I’m going to show you a recent look I’ve done and how I managed to edit this.

Firstly I start with brightening up the image, to do this I go into filters. I then go lighter, I click this once by itself and confirm this. Now sometimes I have to click it again fully and it’s done. Depending on how my camera is reacting to the lighting. 

For this picture I did the lighting once and confirmed, but on the second time I clicked it I then wiped over my face to remove the brightness as it made me look too white. 

Next up is with the background it’s a bit grey, so I want to use the whiten tool to swipe over it and brighten it up more. (Dont be shy put SOME MORE) Be careful with this as you have to go around your body and if you’re my shade it might go on your skin and give you weird white lines. 

Then the DREADED smooth tool! Please don’t over use this, I literally used it on the black bits of the egg. I was trying to make it look wrinkled like the wrapping paper, but realised half way through that if i carry on its going to look shite. It looked better smoothed back 100%. Some of the brown paint at the top looked a bit ‘bitty’ so i smoothed these down. the line of my mouth i smoothed to try make it look less visible.


Then is my favourite tool which is the detail, it makes things stand up so much more! I use it on my eyes a lot because it makes them all shiny, in this image I also used it against the cadbury logos so it made them stand out against the purple. 

Then this is complete, this is the before and after:

As you can see It looks like I barely did anything but it makes such a  huge difference! I didn’t have to edit any make-up on or change anything about it, just focused the lighting on different areas. 

There are some other useful tools that I use which I didn’t in this specific picture. I use patches to get rid of spots as having a fringe my forehead gets oily sometimes so I like to cover them up. 

Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you use this beautiful peeps! 

Peace out 

Aimo 🙂

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