Story Starts – Why am I dying this time?

This weeks writing prompt was provided by the wonderful, Danchou. It caught my attention the moment I read it and the eventual outcome went a TOTALLY different way to what we’d both predicted. Which was fun.

Enjoy ❤

The Game

“I assume I deserve this,” Leonard sighed. “But could you tell me why you want to kill me this time?”

They all looked up from the board. Their entire band had been engaged in an epic battle and had finally managed to capture the Big Bad Guy at the end of the dungeon. This was not how the script was supposed to go.

“This time?” Samantha asked the DM. Her barbarian was unusually smart.

“Yes,” the DM replied, voicing the ancient Vampiric Lord they’d managed to ‘capture’. “This time.”

“You mean we’ve met before?” Sean said sceptically looking down at their collective insight check of six.

“That is, generally what this time implies, warlock, yes,” Leonard said, staying in character.

“Tell us where we’ve met you before and we’ll make this quick!” Robbin ordered, still high from the triumph of their victory.

“Tell me why you want to kill me,” Leonard countered cooly.

“You were trying to kill us!” Samantha insisted.

“No, I wasn’t,” Lenord said, smiling down at his critical subterfuge check. A perfect twenty. “You broke into my house.”

“You were sending Zombies into the village every night to bring you victims!” Robbin yelled.

“No, that wasn’t me,” Leonard said, chuckling to himself. They’d forgotten about their question already.

“So they were just altruistic Zombies?” Sean said sarcastically.

“Or are you vegetarian?” Samantha deadpanned.

“And what would you do if I said that they were, and that I am?” Leonard said, manoeuvring the Gargoyles into position behind the group. “What would you do then?”


Sophie, signing out.

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