Post of the Day #62

Today is the day I need to set up my home office to be able to work… And I didn’t anticipate the desk to be this well designed but hard to put together.

It’s good designed in the way that it’s secure. But it’s difficult to put together when there’s only one person building it… It would’ve been fine if there was two of us as the creators intended. But I didn’t have time for that…

So, this is the desk that I bought:

I’m happy I bought it when I did, because only one store in my area still has it in stock (and I wouldn’t really call Leeds Headrow being in my area but Argos thinks it is…). And it’s not available for delivery, at all.

It’s a pretty good desk. It can hold a maximum of 30kg… Which I am definitely going over, considering what I have on it right now. But it’s the perfect shape of desk and it means I can work, then turn away and doodle!

After getting everything set up, here’s how it looks:

I am a cluttered worker! If I will need it at some point during the day, it’s going to be on my desk. However, I do also like having personal items because I am not a person in a cubicle that doesn’t have a life…

Let’s take a closer look!

This is the work side of my desk, it’s my work laptop and my personal monitor that I’ve hooked up to it. I have my fan, wireless phone charger, and my notepads. Of course, there’s my mug for my tea but I also have my Gordon’s Gin glass which I use to drink Blackcurrant juice (can’t drink on the job!)
My personal area – where I have my personal laptop when it’s not on charge. The TV remote, bluetooth speaker, Boiled for Safety mug (from Good Mythical Morning), a mug of coloured pens, a mug of pencils and charcoal pencils, and a mug of watercolour pencils.

You’ve probably noticed the record player between my work and personal areas, that’s there to bring my personality along with my Terrarium, Diet warning sign, my name in Scrabble letters and my squishes – on my work laptop and my Deadpool one on my record player… I need to make sure that I don’t get stressed – but I definitely will.

So, there. That’s my current set up. I think it looks pretty good. I really like the desk, and can’t wait to spend time using it.

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