Covid-19 – Our Response

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asked how we’re keeping our writers safe. And we didn’t think we needed to address it – mainly because seeing big companies address it by saying they’re going to be sending people home, or provide them with protective clothing, is enough for one life time.

But with the UK going into lock down, the US on Quarantine, and Italy’s cemeteries being overrun… I think it’s time that we address it.

A few things to keep in mind is that our writers are urged to follow W.H.O and government guidelines. Avoid public places, avoid mass gatherings, isolate if the symptoms arise.

But, there’s no risk to our writers while working at T3ddyTalk – simply because we don’t have an office as we all work voluntarily. We work from home, using video and audio conference calls as well as emails and texts to stay in contact.

If anyone requires time off, they’ll be getting it. With others covering for them. Otherwise, we’re good to continue working with minimal risk.

Our response is pretty minimalist in comparison, but it’s just because there’s nothing else to say.

Other than stay safe and be kind.

Make sure not to stock pile. Be kind and keep your distance from strangers.

And for those who can’t follow the advice of isolation and keeping clean – help them. Give them food and clothing. If you can help them find somewhere to stay, do so.

Donate to your local homeless shelter and hostel. Donate to a food bank.

Support the most vulnerable people in your area.

We’ve already started buying and handing out items when we can, as well as donating to organisations such as Centrepoint and AKT.

If you have anything that can be donated – whether it’s food for a food bank, money for a charity, a coat for a homeless person, or a desk for someone having to work from home who won’t be paid unless they have buy a desk.

If you can help someone, in the middle of this crisis. Please do it.

More content based around our experiences in this pandemic will be released shortly.

Thank you for your time and support.

Stay safe.


Skylar and Teddy ♥

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