Post of the Day #61

I know, another post about COVID-19 and the UK being horrible, I’m sorry. But it had to happen.

Today, I got my laptop so that I could work from home starting Monday. I’m partially looking forward to it and the other half of me is dreading it. However, I’ve been needing to get a desk that will fit my workload. So, I decided to get rid of my desk and chair to swap out for what I actually need – a corner desk with enough space for three plus screens, a printer, mouse and keyboard. As well as space to write on paper if necessary.

So, I ordered a new desk. And brought my work chair home with me. And offered my old chair and desk for free on Facebook.

I got questions like: “How much is it?” and “Are you sure you don’t want money for this?”

Of course, I don’t. They weren’t helping me. I didn’t need them, and in these days – where everyone is working from home because schools are closed and offices are closing down for the pandemic.

People need somewhere to work.

And if they don’t have somewhere to work, it means they don’t get paid because they can’t fulfil their job role. And if I can help people keep their jobs, then I’m going to do all I can.

I had some very rude comments in regards to the ad. Mostly after telling people that it’s no longer available… As if it’s my fault that I didn’t pick them when the rule is first come, first served…

Be kind. There’s no reason or need to be cruel arseholes…

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