Making Latex Prosthetic

When it comes to prosthetics I usually buy my own, however there have been a couple of times where I have created some and they’ve turned out ok. Today I’m going to talk to you through one of my most recent accomplishments! 


I was sat listening to the Busted track year 3000, the part came on where they say that not much has changed but we live underwater. So I wanted to create something to resemble a fish person. 

I started looking up designs of fish, I really like Angler fish. The one that tries to eat nemos dad and dory with the spiky teeth. Therefore I based my fish off of this shape but also taking into account that I did want to breath so I would shape the nose up. For the colours I was thinking of golden fish, but then thought of flounder from The Little Mermaid and he’s yellow with blue stripes so this is when I decided to do a scary flounder. 

Making the prosthetic:

You will need the following items, I have put OR and these are options that you can use as an alternative if you don’t have what’s listed. But I used the ones listed. 

  • A facecast (or a tray) 
  • Liquid latex
  • Flour
  • Bowl, Stirrer and another small bowl
  • Poloymorphe plastic
  • Kettle, water, a mug and a fork (or spoon)
  • Loose powder (OR the flour)
  • Possibly a glue gun 
  • Paints of your choice
  • Paper

The first step is going to be creating the mixture, I have a bowl and I pour liquid latex in. Then gently I put in flour mixing it every time I put a bit more in till it gets to a thick consistency. Once mixed I then plopped it onto my facecast, I had a small bit of liquid latex in a small pot to shape this. You need this because with your dry finger you’re just going to keep moving around the flour and latex, whereas with the liquid latex on your finger or tool that you are using it smooths it down.

I wanted to breathe so I did it in two parts and didn’t cover my nose and I wanted to give it an Angler fish look.

Then whilst that was drying I created teeth. To do this I had some polomorph plastic, this stuff is amazing. It comes in little balls and then when entered into hot water it melts together. So this is what I did, be careful with the hot water as it is hotttt, also this is why i say grab a fork or spoon, because once you put it in the water for 10 seconds you got to get it out. Sometimes if I’m properly taking my time I have a jug of cold water and fish the polomoprh out the hot and quickly drop it in the cold so I can mould it with my hands without burning myself. I pulled the polomorph out and rolled it into a sausage. I then grabbed the end and pulled it so it made a long sharp tooth look. Using scissors to cut off the stringy plastic. 

I didn’t put the teeth in straight away. I left the latex/flour combo to dry for 2-3 hours and then put the teeth in and let it dry. After 2 days I went in and poured over powder (you can also use flour) and gently peeled the mask off my facecast. Using the powder and a brush to make it smooth and not stick together.  I did the bottom and the top separately because I had a bit of time, but you can do this together. 

Next up was painting the masks, as the colour is a brown colour I knew that adding a blue straight away wouldn’t take to it. I used a white first as a base colour, I got my paints from The Range and they were like £6 for 24 colours and you can use them on anything. 

Once I painted it white I then got my hot glue gun and stuck some of the teeth back in the holes as they had fallen out during powder or paint. 

After this I mixed my dark blue with white and painted it all over. Then I got my gold as per planning and dabbled this in the middle and round the eyes. I let these colours dry overnight before adding in shading with a darker blue and highlights with light yellow and a lighter blue.

The last part was creating fins, I did this with paper and used the same paints that I used for the mask. I then cut them into shapes. Initially I did the top bit as a square but later I changed this to more circular. Also make sure you keep flaps on the side so you can bend them and stick them to your head. 

Then you’re complete, if you’ve gone over the eyes and if there’s any flaps on the liquid latex you may need some scissors just to trim them. 

The application

You will need the below for this part

  • Bald Cap
  • Liquid Latex, a sponge, a small pot for the liquid latex
  • Face paints (Mehron paradise paints) 

From here it’s relatively easy, this was my first time applying a bald cap and jeewiz it was more difficult than I thought, I wouldn’t take my advice on this because it was my first time, but i tied my hair up. Put on a hair net and then put the baldcap on. I stuck it down using liquid latex, I then painted it blue. Then came up with a random design for my chest because I didn’t plan this part, as im dumb. 

After this I got the bottom part, put liquid latex on the inside of it and stuck it onto my face. Then using the liquid latex I stuck down the edges and blended it into my skin. I then got the top part and did the same. I then made sure to match the blue on the mask to the blue on my bald cap and chin. After this I stuck the fins on. 

THE WE’RE DONE!  This is the final piece…

Hope you guys enjoyed this and like this look, let me know if you do recreate anything like this!

Peace out!

Aimo ;P

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