Post of the Day #58

This week is becoming a nightmare with COVID-19 causing mass panic and mayhem.

It’s typical for the media to make people worry and tell them that there are shortages… Then weeks later try to retract the comments after it was too late.

Going into my workplace today, finding out that they’re now working on getting us to work from home. It terrifies me. Not the pandemic – not the media, but the idea of isolation.

I know how being isolated feels. I was quarantined for months when I was a kid, I spent ages in hospitals and after being forced into isolation, my anxiety chose it for me.

I don’t want to go back to being like that, and not seeing my friends and colleagues on a daily basis is definitely going to screw with my mental health.

I just hope that, if it does happen, I can stay in a routine so I can avoid my anxiety and depression taking over.

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