Post of the Day #56

I don’t often make cake, but when I do it usually ends up being a lie

I am not a baker – I cannot bake to save my life… Or at least that’s what I thought.

Typically when I’m baking I either make a very dry tasting mixture or a very wet mixture. It’s either under-cooked or overcooked – there is no in between.

Until yesterday when I decided to make a Raspberry and Apple Crumble Cake! I was making it and the main thing in my head was this isn’t going to be edible and I’m prepared for it. I was expecting it to go terribly wrong. I never burn cakes, but I knew that I’d find a way of making it inedible…

But for some reason, fruit cakes seem to be my forte. Because I made that thing and it’s fucking delicious. It’s a shame because the calorie count is 200kcal for a very small slice. But it’s edible and really tasty…

That recipe will be out soon enough.

But, my question is – do you have food horror stories? Are you a baker or a chef? What food issues do you have?

Let me know in the comments.

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