Bloodshot – Film Review

Vin Diesel kicking ass as an unstoppable super soldier was very entertaining to watch. Seeing all the augmented characters reminded me a lot of the Deus Ex franchise. Overall this movie keeps things fairly simple with a few loose story lines that could have been answered but overall don’t take away from the viewing experience.  I give this movie an 8/10 because I love to see augmentations in film and video games.

So looking at the timeline it’s difficult to tell truth from fiction from what we are shown. We start off seeing Vin Diesel during a black ops mission where he ignores his orders to stand down and eventually ends up saving a hostage while getting shot. This doesn’t seem to phase him much. Later we see him with his wife at the time Gina as she tries to convey her feelings on the dangerous life he lives. What follows the next morning becomes the driving force of his vengeance for his wife which takes us into his new life as an undead super soldier.

The effect for his healing is just awesome and gets really crazy during some scenes having him regenerate his face after getting shot to a good chunk of his body getting sprayed everywhere after getting hit with a grenade launcher. A few other characters have visible augmentations but are lacking the prototype nanites that Vin has in his system making him out to be the only real threat on screen. K.T. stands out as being his only friend on the inside and falling for him. Her augmentation allows her to breathe underwater and filter out any poisons in the air making her immune. She is also an elegant swimmer and shows off her martial arts skills in a graceful underwater display.

Hands down the best character in the film for me is Higgins, a computer programmer who was held hostage in order to make an emp to stop Bloodshot. He’s pretty damn funny and has a generous love for food and his computer skills. One scene has him cheering on from a computer after a successful hack where he then states he needs real friends or a therapist. With all that’s said and done I had a good movie experience. That’s all I’ll say for now. Laters~

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