Jake Jamie X Revolution Collection

There are tonnes of Beauty Influencers and celebrities coming out with make-up lines, but rarely are any coming out with Skin care. There is one Brand that did though, Revolution got Jake Jamie who is a beauty influencer (more skincare) Who creates wack videos on facemasks and skin products. He released all his masks last year and I’m not ashamed to say that I have bought all of them, including the two limited edition ones hes released. So I thought that I would show you them, what they do and my personal opinion on them.

First we’ll start off with my favorite, this is the Dragon fruit infused Face mask. I love the smell, I’ve never actually had a dragon fruit, always wanted one but never bought one to eat, this mask is like dragon fruit but creamy. love the application, It’s really smooth other than the seeds, but it’s not too weird I like the texture. 

Once I’ve washed it off, this made my skin feel really soft and another thing to note is that sometimes I get really red skin, this actually managed to make it less red but I don’t know why as it’s not supposed to do that. 

Next we have the Coca and Oat Moisturizing one, this mask is probably the worst one. It smells delicious, don’t get me wrong, it smells of fresh chocolate. I’ve never had a problem with facemasks that wash off. I’ve used Lush Cosmetics chocolate ones and oat masks. This one though, did not agree. I don’t usually do patch tests because the other three I bought were nice… BOOOOOOYYYYYYYYEeyyyyeYYEYY i should have done this. BURNING. REDNESS. That’s all I can explain, gosh I had to wash this right off and since I haven’t touched the stuff. Even after when trying to apply (soothing) products after, they did not like the product, just every burned, even aloe vera. 

The Avocado facemask is my second favourite, its smooth texture a tiny bit chunky but not enough to put you off the mask. The only downside is the smell, it smells a bit weird. Not going to lie, though I’ve never had an avocado so I can’t compare it to the smell of one. But, it does make my face feel moisturized and the greenness of the mask also reduces redness. 

Next we have one that I was a bit… like meh at first. However when it came down to it, I think that it’s actually quite nice and relaxing, it’s the only one that does it’s job to a T. This is the watermelon Hydrating Face mask. 

The mask itself is very fresh, it’s a bit sticky and hard to move on your face once planted on your face it does drip. BUT once washed off, my face is smooth and 100% hydrating. The smell as well was one of the best smells, not watermelon but more strawberries? 

The next one is the Coconut, Mango and Chai seed glow mask. This mask honestly smells like holiday, you know when you step off the plane in a hot country and all the people are wearing sunscreen and the heat gets you. This is what it smells like. 

The texture is a bit random it’s got seeds in but is also a bit chunky. 

What it did to my skin, I don’t really know, it made the more sensitive parts of my face (cheeks and under my nose) burn a bit really. I wanted to love this mask though, like so much, so I do use it on my forehead and chin when mixing the masks. 

The last mask and the newest is the strawberry doughnut mask. This was released on the 24th of Feb and I got it on beautybay and i get next day delivery. I was so excited because I love everything about strawberries, they’re my favourite fruit.

When I got it i instantly smelt it and OH M GEE its very VERY sweet, so if you like that sort of smell this is for you. It really does smell of strawberry doughnuts with hint of mint? And actually this mask was really nice application, it has little pink bits in but you can barley feel it and it’s so smooth. This mask is supposed to make you feel baby faced and it sure did, my face was so smooth after, probably one of best ones.

Limited edition Masks: 

Now the first mask I was so excited for and it was October time, this is the Toffee Apple face mask. When first applying It was very liquidy and dripped a lot, like the watermelon one. This is a lot more liquidy though. Another thing is that it’s a heated mask, when I put it on my face I wasn’t expecting it and it did heat up real fast, it wasn’t just me it was also my sister. 

Overall the mask is not one that I use as much as the others as I don’t like the texture or the way it heats up. 

Last one in this list is the Mince pie mask, other than the revolting smell of this, it does not smell of Mince pies AT ALL. But the thing is I’m not sure how to describe it… its musky and sweet at the same time but not a mince pie. It did make me feel a bit festive. But also putting it on my forehead, I have dry skin up  there, it did make that feel less dry..

All these masks are £8 each, and roughly you get about three to four masks out of it. My overall view on these masks is that they are nice to look at and have in a collection, but half of them for me personally are not worth it as they don’t do the job. I’m 100% going to buy the dragon fruit one again as this actually did make my skin feel good. 

I also love the fact that these are vegan and cruelty free, so that’s a WIN. 

I hope you liked this review! 

Peace out! 

Aimo 🙂

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