Post of the Day #50

What’s your biggest fear?

This is a question that most people can answer. For me, I don’t think there’s anything that really scares me – not really.

I’m going deaf, again. After around fourteen years of actually having hearing. So, a lot of people assume that I’m afraid of losing my hearing.

The reality is that I’m not, far from it.

I’m scared of the transition. Hearing the difference in music and voices, before it slowly goes quiet. I’m not afraid of the silence, I enjoyed it as a kid. I couldn’t hear my parents shouting my name back then – I suppose I look forward to that now.

But, hearing the difference as I lose my hearing is something that terrifies me. It’s not a great fear, it’s not even something that’s going to last forever. But knowing that someday I will wake up and music will sound warped, then go quiet… That upsets me.

I just wished it was an instant thing – from hearing to no hearing. The transition is the worst part for me.

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