Call of the Wild – Film Review

Simply a funny and heartbreaking film following a CGI dog named Buck. His adventures take him from his comfortable loving home to the very outskirts of society and beyond. Harrison Ford’s character acts as narrator and later friend to this lovable giant pup after years of isolation.  I loved this movie and was crying by the end. I’m giving this movie 9/10.

So it’s pretty obvious they used cgi to make the dog and that seems to bother some people but for most of the beginning of the film they were showing off the motion captures they got from real dogs. To me it seemed they had a list of cute and funny dog mannerisms and reactions they wanted to show the viewer. I love dogs and was infatuated with Bucks clumsiness and love towards people and other animals. He comes from a big home owned by the mayor and is shown to cause quite a bit of damage.

sadly this comes to an end as a dog napper captures and ships poor Buck to Alaska because they were in need of big strong dogs for many tasks such as dog sled teams. There is where he meets Harrison Ford and they have a bonding moment as Buck retrieves his harmonica. Picking up a couple days later he is adopted into a sled team for the postal service and they make their way to the bitter cold north. From here on Buck has visions of a black wolf which seems to represent his wild nature. 

The team is disbanded in favour of telegrams now to deliver mail and is then met with a terrible person with greed in his eyes to search for the rumoured gold in Alaska. Harrison rescues him and nurses him back to health. There the bond only grows stronger showing they regard each other as friends rather than a owner and pet relationship. It all comes to a teary ending I’ll leave out but i highly recommend seeing this movie. Tah tah for now~

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