Post of the Day #47

I didn’t realise that I’d never be able to stop coming out…

I’ve been in my current employment for eight months now. Which doesn’t sound like long, but I’ve been working as an IT Technician for three years – this was just a swift that I needed to do.

I love my new job. I’ll admit, sometimes I hate it. But overall, the people and the company is good. I love the people I work with.

But for the past eight months, I’ve been misgendered on a daily basis.

It’s been painful for me and my mental health. And it got to a point that I decided to get it done, and just come out… AGAIN.

I honestly thought that I didn’t have to come out again, but it turned out I had to in order to be open and honest with people. And to make myself feel better.

If people then avoided me or didn’t accept me for who I was, simply because I came out – that wouldn’t be my issue. That would be theirs, and therefore it won’t affect me.

So, I decided to speak to my manager and ask if he’d support me in coming out as Non-Binary Trans to the company.

Photo by Tim Gouw on

I was lucky, I ended up with the most supportive manager and HR team behind me. And after six weeks of waiting to send my email, it was finally email day.

Today was the day, and I was shitting a brick this morning thinking about it.

I was so nervous. Thinking: what if I have bad reactions? What if people ignore it? What if people just continue calling me She because they think I’m too feminine?

Aimo reassured me that everyone will be fine with it, and there was nothing to worry about. And they were right.

The email went out and emails flooded in with words of affection and support.

I had messages sent to me from people that I don’t often speak to, and even some that I’ve never actually spoken to.

It made me feel great and accepted. I can’t wait to go back to work on Monday and feel normal, knowing that everyone knows who I am and how to refer to me. And I won’t need to hide myself anymore.

It’s a big relief.

And if you’re thinking about coming out at work, I hope it goes as well for you as it did for me.

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