Prosthetics which I have used

Today I will be talking to you through prosthetics! I love using prosthetics, love the way they change your face. 

I’ll be showing you some of the prosthetics I have used and how I used them!

First one.. I’m going to go in a backwards order, starting from my latest one to my first one. My latest one is a gremlin, the woman one.. I wanted the month of Feb to be all womany and pink. So I thought this would be a perfect example to use a prosthetic! 

This prosthetic I bought from ETSY (which is a common occurrence, as I love homemade prosthetics) This was from user ‘KOllectivebykellyO’, first time trying out a foam latex appliance.

The application was so strange… I stuck it down with Liquid latex and the edges didn’t blend to well so I had to keep cutting it. I had to use cotton wool to blend it out in the end, but after that it look alright.

Next up is my lil mum, three years ago I made my own third eye prosthetic and stuck it on my mum. So when I learnt more and improved my style I also did it again I’ll attach both below.

The blue one (which I try not to talk about) I made myself, with liquid latex. I molded some clay into the shape of an eye and then dabbed liquid latex all over it. Then shaped some polymorph plastic, disaster, but I loved learning. I stuck it on my mums face with spirit gum and tried so blend it in with latex. I then smothered some blue eyeshadow over it and some fake blood.

The second one I actually bought the silicone prosthetic from HauntedFX, this was so much more easier to play with. And I’ve used it multiple times.  However I first used it on my mum, I stuck it on using prosaide which is easier to use than spirit gum. Spirit gum you have to tap to get sticky and your fingers get all sticky its gross, but with prosaide it just glues. I then blended out the edges with acetone, which is alcohol that dissolves the edges. 

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2.7.17👁 my mum 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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go watch my new video! now live on SFXaimee YT💜

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The one below, I was just so small and I made it myself. It was actually the first one I made and I was so proud of it. I got some clay and moulded it on my tray and then dabbed on some liquid latex. It was so cute and easy to stick on, I still have the mould for some reason, I might recreate it? It’s just a shame that back then I couldn’t take photos or wasn’t confident enough to not wear my hat lmao! 

Now this one, this one was the start of my Failed Youtube career.. But no joke this was the first tutorial I ever filmed, I filmed it on my computer it was a mess. I made this by doing the same as above, I got clay and moulded it and then poured in some liquid latex. I then put it on my face and painted it. I remember them being a bit heavy and me not know how to stick them properly with liquid latex to my face. Also I didn’t protect my eyebrow which was a bit of a mistake.

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Dragon SFX!!!!🤩🤩😁 10.3.18

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I’ve said before, I love having my friends and family do SFX. Especially my good friend Rachel, now I didn’t want to do a Game of Thrones SFX as I’ve never watched it. However Rachel has and she loves it! So I thought why not do a Dragon SFX on her, this was funny because I didn’t have my usual set up as I was at her flat, but it meant that we could use her guinea pigs as dragons.

This was a silicone prosthetic I bought from hauntedSFX

Prosthetic don’t have to be made out of anything fancy either, for example… I made the below tentacles using Tinfoil, Tape, CHEERIOS, PVA glue and hair spray. It was quite funny, as I don’t eat cereal so I had to sneak a bowl of un-milked cheerios up to my room. 

I then stuck one of them to my facecast with liquid latex and a flour combination, the other two I just put in my mouth. 

I love this one because it brought out my creative side and not just sticking to buying prosthetics. 

My Biggest creation so far was definitely the Unicorn that  did, this was made out of Liquid Latex and Flour. The eyes were like a create your own baul bauls and the teeth and horn were polymorph plastic. 

This took a couple of days to complete, I had to shape it right and pre-paint it before Rachel came round. Then when Rachel did come round, It was way too heavy so had to stick it to her face using muscle tape. But at the end of the day it looked like and evil unicorn and I loved it! 

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uni-uni-unicorn 🦄

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I will be using a lot more prosthetics (especially during May) and making my own as well, which I may or may not be writing something at the moment for this.. Smirky smirk smirk

Peace out 

Aimo :p

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