Post of the Day #42

100 Posts

I feel like this is a celebration moment. On my own, I’ve posted 100 posts. As a team, we’ve posted nearly 150. Almost 50 posts by other team members in a month, it’s incredible.

To put the number into context, we’ve done more posts in the last month than we did on My Name is Riley in a year. We’ve also written over half of the amount of posts previously posted on LLLRanting in a year… This is fantastic.

And I’d like to thank my team, because they’re some truly marvellous and amazing individuals. I’m so happy, and feel so lucky, to have met them.

I’d also like to say thank you to our readers, followers, and overall supporters. If you’ve downloaded a book, or read a post at any point – thank you. We appreciate the support.

We hope you all continue enjoying the content we’re producing for you. And I hope our team continues to grow as the community does.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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