Post of the Day #41

Fuck Technology

Technology has gotten to a point where I’m just annoyed at it, all the time.

I work in IT, so when I come home I don’t want to deal with Tech issues. I don’t care if your phone isn’t working, your laptop won’t update, or your TV is flickering. That’s not my problem!

Photo by 洋榤 郭 on

But as always, I’m the one that gets the complaints when I say no. I’m never helping you again! Because I didn’t replace the batteries in the TV remote.

I’m honestly, just annoyed that people always come to me with tech issues. Why can’t you learn to do something yourself?

These are the people that have access and know how to use YouTube. They know how to use the most popular platform on the internet that contains millions of tutorials, but can’t figure out how to change batteries, plug a wire into a computer, or fix a very simple application issue.

It’s not that I hate technology, I love it. I love working in IT and seeing tech progress past what I initially thought it would be able to do. But I don’t want to work in IT every day of the week, for 24 hours a day… I am not your IT guy, I’m not here to solely support your tech.

I’m allowed to sleep, eat, relax, and do my own thing… I hope some day people will actually respect that.

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