Post of the Day #39

Bro, I miss you…

An open letter to a dude I was friends with

I’m not one to miss people. The only time I miss people is when I’ve made a real friend with them. I don’t do it often and honestly, I don’t have friends, I only have Best Friends. Because everyone is an acquaintance unless the connection is made.

You were one that I made a connection with. And it’s upsetting that we’ve drifted apart over the past few months. We went from talking on a daily basis, sending memes and gifs to each other, insulting each other to silence.

And I wish I could say I could replace you – because trust me, I have tried. But it doesn’t work, I didn’t really expect it to.

We were a strong duo. We took the piss out of people who would constantly do the same to us, but we were much worse to each other than anyone would even like to admit.

The gif wars were some of the best five minute breaks from reality I could’ve had. Nobody response to my gifs like you did, and it never lasts longer than three gifs at max…

Why can’t people just have gif conversations? We did it all the time…

And let’s not forget the drinking, we were both known for it. So much so we were both given alcohol for Christmas in Secret Santa…

I can’t say I don’t miss you – because I do. Every connection I make with people is unique. It’s different between me and one person, than it was between you and I.

But I don’t think I want you in my life now. I wanted to know you, I wanted to support you, and over the years – on several occassions – I stopped you from pushing me away and isolating yourself.

Now it’s turned into a one way communication stream, I send you something – you laugh. And the conversation goes no further.

The connection was severed. And I get it. But if you can’t be bothered to message me – no matter how much I miss you – I refuse to waste my time messaging you just to be ignored.

Bro, I miss you. Have a good life~

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