Beauty Bay’s skincare line

I’m all about skin care as you may know, so when I heard one of my favourite companies Beauty Bay were coming out with a skincare line, I might have…well… got pretty much everything.

But I didn’t want to just show you what I bought, I wanted to show you how I actually got on with using them and how my skin looked before and after Whilst JUST using this skincare line. 

So I bought them on the 30th January which is the day it was released. The website Idea was really cool, it was a build your own routine and had all the different steps. I’m going to list what I bought and the sections they came under. 


Super Jelly Cleansing Gel – £6.50 


Skin Fixer Clay mask – £7.50

Dot-A-Spot Blemish stickers – £5.95

Acid trip Exfoliating Toner – £6.75


Clarifying Serum  – £6.50 

Brightening Serum  – £6.50 


Day One Moisturiser – £6.50

Thirst Trap Rich Moisturiser – £7

Also got a free BeautyBay Headband! 

This all came to £54.60, It would cost less for you if you were to stick to one item from all the sections. I just wanted to buy all of them to test them out! Also I got next day delivery for £1.95 because I wanted to start it straight away. 

So here are my reviews on each product. First the headband, not to be fat headed (I mean literally FAT headed) but I could not get this on, not sure how it worked because no matter what way I put it on it wasn’t working. Anyways it was free so I won’t criticise it anymore. 

The first actual product I bought was the Super Jelly Cleansing Gel, now you guys know that I do pretty wack make-up and I have only come across one cleansing gel that manages to get everything off. This was not it unfortunately. I opened up the tube, this one doesn’t really have a scent. It’s like a nice lotion really, it does do the job though. If you’re wearing normal make-up this is sure to get it off and I’m pretty sure that’s what it was designed for. 

It says on the instructions to use 2 pumps… I would disagree with this, you need at least four if you’re doing a full face also the cap isn’t easy to press down, you have to have a bit of strength it’s not a loose cap. 

The second item is the Acid trip exfoliating toner, this is probably one of the better items but the smell.. *yikes* it literally smells like acid? I know that’s in the name but I wasn’t expecting it to smell so chemically. 

It’s definitely not one for sensitive skin. My mum has quite dry and sensitive skin and her face started going bright red, I had to rinse it off her face. For me though, I felt like it did a decent job it took make-up off my face that i didn’t even spot, it like sucked it up from my pours, they probably thought they were on an acid trip to be honest. 

For the price of £6.75 I actually think it’s pretty decent, considering I have another toner the same size that was over £20 (that one smells so much better though) you also don’t need a lot of product when using it because it picks up a lot of dirt. 

The clay facemask, well, I so so so so so so wanted to love this.. like so much… It started off quite nice, the container is really large and has a lot of products within it.

The smell is just clay-ey? If you’ve ever experienced a clay mask, that’s what it smells like, just normal. 

So the website says if you have sensitive skin that you might get a tingly sensation, WELL, it wasn’t tingly it actually flamed up my skin. I had to scrub it off my skin asap, at first I tried to deal with it but it got worse and worse. After I took it off it was itchy as hell but at the same time burning my skin. I gained five spots the next day and I honestly think it was down to the mask because my skin was ok before this. 

Dot-A-Spot Blemish stickers were my favorite. I’m unable to compare to anything i’ve tried but i actually really liked these. When I got the patches I had three spots on my chin, so naturally I tried these. I left these on overnight and in the morning I took them off. Now two of my spots were already popped but one of them wasn’t. The one that wasn’t actually had a lot of muck on the patch and the other had a little. But I noticed that the non popped one actually had gone down a lot. It was actually quite magical. 

Below is a picture of my spots the night before I put them on and the morning after, this was the second time I used these. 

During the second week I actually gathered a spot on the very edge of my lip (painful stuff i swear to god) I put one of these on overnight and bearing in mind it was in a awkward place it surprisingly didn’t disturb me.  In the morning as well, you can only tell slightly that it goes down a bit. 

There were two serums I bought the first one being the brightening Serum to say I noticed a difference… I’d be lying… there’s other products which I know brighten my skin (mostly products with banana or pineapple in). 

I used this by itself and also mixed it with the day one moisturiser. By itself I didn’t notice much of a difference but with the day one moisturizer it didn’t notice my skin looking a bit more radiant..but then again that could have been the moisturizer.   

The second serum I bought was the clarifying Serum when I first got this I didn’t use it straight away as I was using the brightening serum. However I used this both on my sister and sisters boyfriend and they liked it, not sure what good it did them. However I started using this during the end of the week as I started to get scarring on my chin from mid week one’s spots. But…I didn’t notice anything at all. I also took photos and I couldn’t spot ANY difference. 

The Day One Moisturiser was actually really nice, the container is much prefered to the rich moisturiser. It’s more of a tube and when you press it squirts out, I used about three to four pumps because of my fat face. I felt quite nourished after and it was very lightweight against my skin. When smelling it I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I recognised.. But when i did on the 4th day of using it I couldn’t help but laugh. So this smells exactly like nit cream, you know when you were in junior school and you got nits and your mum dragged the comb through your hair… yeah that’s what it smells like. None of the products really had a ‘nice’ smell. I would love it if they came out with a vanilla scented or something nice smelling, because these chemically smells are a bit odd. 

Also want to mention that sometimes my skin gathers dry patches, a bit like eczema. When using a moisturiser I usually put whatever I’m using on the dry patch. So this was when I was doing my face in the morning I thought I would put it on a dry patch on my arm. As so as I did it was a bad idea, it got even itchier and and more inflamed. It doesn’t obviously say to put on dry skin patches or anything, but it’s moisturizer so it’s supposed to moisturize your skin.  

The Thirst Trap Rich Moisturiser, there are three directions to use this, the first one is to use alone, second one to use as a night mask and the third one to use with a serum. 

The first time I used it was just after I had cleansed, it’s a very thick cream. It’s in the same container as the facemask, it didn’t come with a seal though…so when I opened it, it did go everywhere, half the product fell onto the outside of the container. Yes I should have been more careful but I wasn’t expecting it to be so loose. 

The second time I used this was as a night mask, it says to apply a thick layer.. However the cream is thick enough and if you layer it on it just feels so creamy. However I did notice in the morning I didn’t look as tired which was nice, so I think it did an alright job. 

So even though I bought this, I don’t think it was suitable for my skin type. I think this will work SUPER well with dry skin. I have a bit of dry skin around my nose and I did notice a bit of a difference, however I mostly oily to normal skin so this just made me a bit more oily than I already was. (I did read the website ater and it did say suitable for dry and normal skin and I would 100% agree with this) It’s good though as my mum and sister both have dry skin so they can have this.

So here are two photos of me (yes i know i’m attractive), one before I started using beauty bay products. Second one is after a week of using them…

My overall thoughts are that…for the price the products are OK, but to be honest by the end of my week my face was CRAVING my old skincare routine so i did have to go back. I missed using my normal products. I’m also disappointed as I’m not supposed to have this many spots on my chin this time of the month but I did and i’m sad about it.

The only two things I’m most likely to keep using are the cleanser and the dot-a-spot. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed because for the price and for a new brand I was not expecting much but then again, I wasn’t too impressed with it either because I didn’t see much of a change? But that’s just my experience, people with different skin types might enjoy this, so definitely try it out for yourself and see what you make of it. I think it’s definitely a cute set if you want to get into skin care, just if you have sensitive skin…do the patch test! 

Peace out

Aimo 🙂 

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