Get to Know Your Writers: Pancake Edition

I’ve never actually met someone that doesn’t like pancakes… So, Pancake Day is always fun.

Here’s our writer’s favourite pancakes – starting with mine.

Skylar’s Pancakes

Sky is a sweet sensations pancake eater – loving some lovely Pumpkin pancakes. Not too thick, not too thin – fluffy, not rubbery.

Danchou’s Pancakes


Dan has confirmed that he is a Bacon Pancake man. And we fully support him in this decision.

Julia’s Pancakes

Someone had to like fruity pancakes, I suppose. Julia loves strawberry pancakes…

I suppose we’ll just have to forgive her.

Teddy’s pancakes

I love buttery pancakes. A plain pancake, cooked in some salted butter, nice and buttery… I just really love the sweet pancake with a salted buttery taste. I can’t help myself!

Sophie’s Pancakes

Another savoury pancake lover, but in a different way. Sophie likes Sausage and Cheese Pancakes.

Aimo’s Pancakes

Aimo says they’re a basic boi, but I don’t believe that’s true in comparison to my plain butter pancakes. Aimo loooooves Lemon Sugar pancakes… I can’t blame them!

We all have different pancake tastes – it’s part of what makes us who we are. We’re all different.


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