You are Everything, and you are Nothing

Today’s post refused to let me write anything else. So, please, enjoy my short inspiration. If anyone would like, I would be interested to see where you take it.

The soul drifted, lost in the vortex. It knew only absence and loss. It felt no pain because it lacked any form, but it yearned. Oh, how it yearned. It yearned for sensation and for the connection that it knew on an instinctual level was possible. It was so cold and so alone it didn’t understand how it had come to this place nor how to escape it. Time was its enemy here, it knew. It just didn’t know how to fight or why the war was even taking place.

Hope; she could not understand why she kept on allowing it into her life. Had she not suffered enough? Didn’t she already know what happened every time she gave into it? She had been crushed so many times. Everything she had ever wanted, everything she had ever needed, she had lost. Why did she still allow herself to hope?

Darkness was not a curse for him. He could never quite understand why people thought of it like that. The darkness was safe, it was understandable, and it never blinded. The darkness was his truth and his friend. It was his constant ally when all else had left him. He understood the darkness. He had felt it’s sweet caress his whole life and listened to its song now. It spoke to him of night lilies and fireflies, of moon-washed meadows and the scent of ice covered pine forests. He smiled as he set out, solitary but never alone.

Her skin was sun-kissed, and her hair bleached by the light. All her life, she had been told that she was special, that somehow she had been blessed, but she had never believed them. She knew that the Gods did not favour her, as they had her sisters. She had never found her connection as she had been told that she would. She was starting to wonder if she even needed it.  She didn’t seem to feel what the others had described. She wasn’t empty like them. She knew herself intimately, on the inside and out. Still, she had to complete her trial or else she would be thrown from her tribe. With her staff in one hand and her supplies in the other, she went out into the wilds to hunt. What she brought back would shape the rest of her life.

She shuddered as she felt the cold enter her. She had prayed as the priest had told her to. He had told her that hope was never something to be quashed and that she should pray for the guidance her previous life had lacked. Now she was wondering if she had made a mistake. The cold was filling her up, it was spreading through her like mist, and it was…so grateful. As it wrapped around her, it’s gratitude flowed through her, and it caressed her mind. Its icy fingers stroked the soul she had thought was long ago lost.  She fell to her knees as her God began to work within her.

He watched from the shadows as the young woman strode through his darkness. She was unafraid and walked with a grace that he had never seen before. He followed as she made her way to the small stream only he had ever found. The night animals of the forest showed no sign of alarm as she knelt and began to drink, scooping handfuls of the fresh, clean water into her soft lips. He moved silently to watch as she refilled a flask and began to prepare a small fire. As she lit the kindling the clouds that had previously blocked the light of the moon shifted, throwing silver light upon his world, the lady looked up from her camp and met his eye. The warm glow of the fire flickered and made the shadows around her dance in the silver of the moon’s gaze.  She smiled, and he knew he was lost.

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