Post of the Day #35


I’ve been writing Creatures of Hyfern for the past three months now. I’m really enjoying it, but the fifth chapter is being released and I’m still writing it and it’s so difficult.

I don’t understand how I wrote 30+ pages per chapter for the past four chapters… How did I do it? Why did I put myself in the situation where I can just blast out ten pages and be done with it? Why did I do this to myself?!

I’m not entirely surprised. I have a lot of issues with Writer’s Block most of the time, so I understand why I’m finding it hard.

The funny thing is, is that I spent 5 minutes figuring out how many pages I have to write and how many I’ve written, then spent 30 minutes on Facebook, and wondered why I’d still only written 14 pages…

It’s as if scrolling through Facebook doesn’t count as writing…

I seriously need to work on my writing habits. I’ve slacked quite a lot over the past two weeks. With posts not going up on time, but the bonus is that I’ve always posted on the right day… At least… It’s a terrible thing to be proud of, but at least they’re going up on the right day.

I will be trying to improve. I promise.

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