Sonic the Hedgehog – Review

I had a blast watching Sonic in theatres. It was fun, and I had fun seeing what I did of Sonics’ universe. Even though the after-credits scene had only shown a little bit, it had me jumping out of my seat, excited for what they could do with a sequel.

So in this movie, we are treated to Sonic as a child before he grows up to be the cocky speedster we all know and love. Before he begins his journey, he is attacked and pursued by a tribe of echidnas. There, in Sonics homeworld, we get to see the rings Sonic is always collecting are used as portals to other worlds. Later we find he has travelled to many of them because he can’t let anyone take control of his power. The movie takes place in Green Hills, and they tease the only place he has left to go to get away from people trying to take his power is the Mushroom world.
Jim Carrey wouldn’t be my first choice for Dr. Eggman, but by the end, he was starting to look more like the crazed scientist. He had great scenes showing his technological superiority, but they felt overshadowed by his comedic scenes. As for Sonic, he was fun and couldn’t sit still showing how rash he can be. I wish we could have had more Sonic characters and focused on them more than human characters, but that’s something to consider for the sequel.
Overall I was just happy to see Sonic kicking butt at high speeds reminiscent of how you had to hit Eggman’s machines multiple times to beat them. This is just me, but I was over excited to see the end credits scene with none other than Tail Miles Prower coming out of a portal. He is my favourite character out of the Sonic heroes. That’s all for now so have fun everyone.

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