Post of the Day #33

Transphobe hosts meeting talking about Trans people, without inviting Trans people and knowing nothing about Trans people.

It’s getting to be a really fucking annoying reoccurance when a politician decides to have a meeting where they’ll talk about Trans people… But knowing nothing about them.

Joan McAlpine is an SNP politician who is most notably known for inviting a transphobic academic to speak in Scottish Parliment on Trans Day of Remembrance… Then wonders why we don’t like her.

Possibly because instead of mourning the dead as we should on TDOR, she invited a person in to talk about us being parasites.

Anywho – Joan has decided to hold a seminar about the impact that Medical Treatment for Gender Confusion on children.

It’s almost as if hosting a conversation without knowing anything about it – with people who are uneducated on the topic, and not inviting anyone the conversation actually affects – is a bad idea…

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