Post of the Day #32

What are your pronouns?

Most people know that I’m Non-Binary. I’ve been very open about it since coming out publicly six years ago.

But something that not that many people ask is honestly one of the most important questions: what are your pronouns?

A lot of enbies like pointing out that Google is a thing and that I’m not here to be a knowledge base of queerness. And I get it, we’re not here to do that. But I am willing to be that, for the simple reason of being in a large variety of parts of the LGBTQ and being very open about myself.

Pronouns aren’t something that you can Google, and they’re an important thing for Trans people. Getting their pronouns right is incredibly important.

However, I’ve only actually been asked three times what my pronouns are.

So, I want to make sure that people know.

My pronouns are They/Them and He/Him. Either can be used, you can pick one and go with it. Or you can use them interchangably. But I don’t use She/Her pronouns, or neo pronouns. She/Her pronouns cause a lot of Dysphoria for me, and Neo-Pronouns just don’t work for me. I used to use Ze/Zir, but it ended up being not for me. And that’s okay.

I’m currently in the process of coming out at my current place of work. Specifically to make people call me anything other than She because hearing it makes my skin crawl.

And with my years of graphic design skills and boredom induced memeing, I decided to make some They/Them coasters.

I really enjoyed making them, and ended up ordering a set for my office. Knowing that I need at least two for my desk. I ordered a cup in the same style with He/Him and They/Them pronouns on it. I’m just excited to finally be out at work. I know I may get shit for it, and if I do, I’ll stand my ground and rip their balls off if I need to. But being myself at work is essential for me. So I’m happy that I’m finally getting there.

As the coasters are on Redbubble, if you want some you can access them on the site – if you want other pronouns, they will be going up soon (hopefully this weekend).

Have an awesome day, everyone!

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