Valentines Make-up and SFX’s

As you know Valentines was last Friday, so I thought I would show you some of my valentines looks this year from myself, however I’m also going to add in a couple at the end which are not mine but REALLY impressed me!

I’ve never had a long relationship, so some of these… well are more anti-valentines then lovey dovey B L A H… sorry bout it. 

Firstly, every month I love doing a skull, so this was a Valentines skeleton. I like to call it ‘Love is dead’. I created this using Mehron paradise paints and Teddy supplied me with the wig. And that’s how simple it was, there was an additional shading by using Jeffree star’s Blood sugar eye shadow.. But you can do this by using paints. 

The next one was very spontaneous, which I never do. I’ve always wanted to do stained glass look ever since I went to Disneyland and saw the stain glass windows within the castle. They’re so beautiful, like i love how a collective of glass shapes can make one massive image. The maleficent one was definitely my favourite, I’ll insert this here so you can look at it.

So this make-up was basically inspired by this, but also by just valentine hearts as well. I used my one and only Mehron paradise paints, along with Kylie jenner’s Sipping pretty palette for the eyeshadow as you shouldn’t put paint near your eyes (although I find pink eyeshadows stain my face anyways so like what’s the point) 

Next is a SFX valentine… I think every person loves getting flowers, well at least I’ve heard that. I wouldn’t know for myself as I’m allergic and I hate flowers? When I get married I’m not having flowers, or If i do they’ll be black roses… I seem so Emo but I’m not I promise.

This one I was most nervous about because the flower didn’t seem to arrive for ages, ordered a faux one off Amazon.. And took a month to arrive.

I was also nervous because the flower was really heavy and I didn’t know if it was going to stick to my face alright and i nearly ran out of spirit gum..also my make-up looked so pretty and I didn’t want to mess it up. It was all too much but I managed and here’s the final result.

The last one was another SFX, this time one that I recreated from 2 years ago. Two years ago I was trying everything to build myself up and this was one of there first ones I was proud of.

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happy valentines 💕

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I feel like I’ve grown, the one from two years ago is wide and messy but this one now is all squished and looks more realistic I think. And I’ve learnt to take photos and you can see the confidence.

So this is all I did for valentines, I wanted to do two that were facepaint and two sfx’s. I follow a lot of amazing artists so the below are not me, but they each brought lots of creativity to valentines. The first look that I thought was AMAZING was Charlotte Roberts, for a 16 year old shes super talented and I love the concept of this artwork

I’m sorry but this is my favourite, like when I saw this I instantly wanted to recreate it because it’s SO amazing. I love the contrast of the black and hot pink and the eyes and eyelashes wow!!!! this was everything! Its like valentines and anti valentines, lOVE IT!

The last one is a SFX, i’ve done something similar, but I love how clean this one is and the adding of the stitches on the mouth.

I hope you guys had a good Valentines! and if you didn’t, well same… and buy a cat 🙂

Peace out

Aimo 🙂

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