Post of the Day #27


A few weeks ago, I asked what the first word that came to mind when they think of me.
Words that came to mind were Rainbow, Open-Minded, Fun, Busy, Introspective, Panda, and Teddy Bear.

None of the words were wrong. Those are definitely me. Fun may be a push, but I can say that I am always busy doing something. I’m always wearing Rainbow. I am very open-minded. And I’m called Teddy because I am a Teddy Bear.

But today, Dan sent me the above image saying he saw it and thought of me.

I think this shows how close our team is. We’re all getting to know each other, and at this point we all know each other – possibly too well.

Because, he saw the fake plant and thought of me…

And I already have the plant.

If you ever see something themed of Jack Skellington, or Pandas, or Teddy Bears… I will either already have it – or want it.

And this goes for rainbow, too.

It also goes for Goth clothing. Because I love my New Rocks, but I also wear a lot of Hell Bunny clothing.

Then there’s black, white and red clothing… Oh lord. And crop tops. Bright jeans. And bright hair dye…

So, to conclude: I like dark colours, bright colours, tight clothes, baggy clothes, pandas, teddy bears, and food.

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