Racism in the LGBTQ

It’s an unfortunate truth that the LGBTQ is no better than any other community in the world.
We’re not perfect, far from it. So, knowing that Racism on the rise within the LGBTQ doesn’t entirely surprise me. If anything, I’m angry and very disappointment.

At some point, every White, LGBTQ member has experienced discrimination because of our gender identity, romantic identity, or sexual orientation. Therefore, we should know better not to be discriminating bigots. But there seems to be a large amount of the community that is still very hypocritical.

Photo by Nicholas Swatz on Pexels.com

Stonewall UK recently did a survey amongst LGBTQ People of Colour, the stats provided are horrifying. Knowing that 61% of ethnic minorities have experienced racism via online dating and in person from fellow LGBTQ people.

The first thing we all need to ask is this:

What the actual fuck?

It’s silly that in this day and age, with the plight that our community has experienced, that we’re still discriminating against the major of People of Colour in our community.

The BBC’s LGBT correspondent, Ben Hunte, went to speak with LGBTQ People of Colour. If you’d like to watch that video, here it is: “LGBT racism: ‘I felt like a piece of meat’

Have you experienced racism from another member of the LGBTQ? Tell us about it.

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