Post of the Day #26

The United States of America suffered more mass shootings in 2019, that they had days in the year… And once again, the NRA are blaming Video Games for the violence being caused by people with easy access to assault weapons.

If it isn’t a mass shooting, it’s a murder. It’s something that a lot of us have become numb to in today’s climate of the USA being a death zone for anyone, especially those who are white, straight men…

Last year was another year of the NRA blaming violent video games for people shooting up schools and killing people using assault weapons.

Now, I know what people are going to say: GUNS ARE TOOLS.

Guns are assault weapons – Yes, they’re tools, too. And yes, so are knives if you really want to go there. But the different between a knife and an AR-15 (the most commonly used gun in mass shootings in the US) is that you need a lot more effort to kill someone with a knife… And you have to do a lot of work to kill 4+ people…. Unlike and AR-15 that can hold from 30 to 100 rounds, depending on state and legality for it to be modified with a high capacity magazine.

And yes, of course some have used shotguns… and hunting rifles. And yeah, they can be used for sport. But that doesn’t mean they’re not assault weapons. Guns were designed to kill – shotguns were specifically designed for claypigeon shooting.

But of course, the NRA’s main comment for young people killing others is video games. Becuase it makes all the sense in the world! Almost every country in the world has access to video games… How many of them suffer more mass shootings than days?


Dan Bull, a YouTube Rapper, did the following song last month. And it’s perfect. Give it a listen.

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