Post of the Day #25

The school system hasn‘t changed for centuries – causing a lot of our childhoods to be wasted learning old techniques and lack the knowledge to survive in the 21st century.

BoyInABand released a song called Don’t Stay in School back in 2015.
It’s been half a decade and people are still ignoring the reality of it, as well as the lyrics…
Dave isn’t saying to drop out of school, the entire song is about topics and subjects that we’ve learnt in schools for the past century, that no longer apply to what we do today.

For example, students who didn’t need to know the quadratic equation, could’ve been learning something more important like basic first aid; the difference between ibuprofen and paracetamol; or the symptoms of common mental health issues so that they can actually get help.

Any let’s not forget the fact that we don’t often start learning second languages until we’re in our teens. I didn’t start learning French until I was fourteen. If I’d started at eight, like most of the countries in the world, I’d be fluent in at least two languages at this point. Which is never a bad thing. Especially while living in such a globally diverse country such as the United Kingdom.

This song is still extremely relevant. Give it a listen~

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