School Abused for Rainbow Crossing

Last week, Woodside High School had a Rainbow Crossing installed outside the school in celebration of LGBTQ History Month. It’s the first school in the country to have it’s own Rainbow Road Crossing. And it looks pretty damn cool.

Unfortunately, with something in support of us has once again been attacked.

The school has released a statement advising on the reactions to the crossing. And, as we already know, it wasn’t all good news.

A spokesperson of the school advised that over 200 abusive messages and threats were sent to the school in regards to the crossing, within 4 days. However, the school has also confirmed that the messages haven’t been received from anyone involved or connected to the school, or parents. These messages were sent to them by the general public…

The head of the high school, Gerry Robinson, had this to say:

This rainbow crossing stands for our commitment to championing equality, for our children’s rights to be respected and able to thrive as themselves, in school and beyond. The hundreds of abusive messages regarding Woodside’s work on equality will not deter us from continuing our work. In fact, it only encourages us further for we do not want our students to go out into the world and face such hate.

Later adding:

Never has there been a more important time to stand up to hate in all its forms and education is a key part of that.

A lot of people, specifically Allies, looking at this story have reacted in horror that 200 messages has been sent to a school in regards to a rainbow.

But, it’s a harsh reality for the LGBTQ community who have to deal with these types of issues on a daily basis.

Photo by Nicholas Swatz on

With the stats in our country showing that two out of five LGBTQ students were not taught anything about LGBTQ Identities, and almost half of LGBTQ students being bullied, it’s an important move by the school and a powerful stance to hold.

We have to battle stigma and hate together, or else we fall apart.

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