Post of the Day #24

Forbidden Love

I’ve written about forbidden love on so many occasions… The first book I ever wrote to completion, which I never published, was called Forever Forbidden. A story about a girl falling in love with a boy – the girl being the boy’s kryptonite and the boy being a species that would be addicted to her blood. I was eleven when I wrote it – this was before I was able to properly read, being Dyslexic, so you can imagine how terribly written it was.

But it was my first book, and I enjoyed writing it. I cried while writing it. Sometimes I wish I’d gone back to writing fantasy romances. It was one of the biggest reasons for me writing Creatures of Hyfern, it’s fantasy and romance. My favourite combinations, other than paranormal romance, of course.

Some day, I may re-write Forever Forbidden

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