My Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes

This is probably the hardest thing I’m ever going to decide due to me owning over 100 different palettes, a collection worth 3 years. Yes, I’m a bit obsessive. However, I do things that make me happy, and eyeshadow palettes makes me happy. 

So I thought I would rank them, taking into account the packaging, formula of the eyeshadow and how easy it is to work with and price for someone who is wanting to experiment with eyeshadows.

Also a warning, this isn’t for the faint hearted nude collectors, I’m a very colour palette person… (I did include 2 nudes) 


Now, I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, I have many of their palettes Anastasia including soft glam and Alyssa Edwards palette. So this one was a more recent one that’s been created and it’s the Norvina Pro Palette Volume One. 

The packaging is beautiful, when you hold it, it FEEL’s expensive and heavy. Because of it being so heavy, for an average person you wouldn’t want to take this on holiday or carry it around. Also because this is a PRO- palette it means the formula is creamy and thick and needs you to work with it, so if taking anywhere it won’t be a 2 minute job.

The palette itself is a range of mostly purpley-pink tones, with a couple of blue and orange shades. I like the tones because I’ve not seen many other palettes like this, sounds clique really but the colours are so pigmented not just in pictures but real life that it’s just amazing.

I bought this palette when it was on offer on boxing day, they had it so you could get 30% off. The palette itself is £68, but they have a collection with a gorgeous purple box, eyeliner, primer and 5 glitters (usually £99) but with the Boxing Day sale I got it for £69. I was proper happy!

The main reason that it’s 10th is because of the price, like jesus! 

Packaging: 8/10

Formula:  8.5/10

Price: 4/10


The packaging on this, wow, Revolution the brand has really been coming for the larger brands recently and this palette did not disappoint. They’ve been coming out with loads of wacky ideas recently and this palette was from there October 2019 collection, it is of course the Revolution Haunted House palette. They came out with a cute rainbow palette as well in this collection

The reason that it’s not higher up the list is because I don’t use it as much as I should as the other palettes. I mostly use it as decor as my room is halloween themed (all year round) this palette stacks on my shelf and I don’t want to touch it. 

The formula is good, average, I mean it’s eyeshadow there’s nothing special about it. But you’re getting what you paid for at £10. You can blend the eyeshadows together, they can become a bit patchy but you can work it into your skin. The colour range within the palette are also great for anyone wanting to try out a level up from nudes. 

One thing I want to appreciate is the shade names as well, all halloween themed. They have Lucifer (one of my favourite shows) a light orange. Creepy, a cream shimmer perfect for your crease. Nightmare, a jet black colour, perfect for deepening any crease. Demonic a metal red, great for a blood look on halloween.

Packaging: 9/10

Formula: 7/10

Price: 9/10


Not the vault, we don’t talk about the vault palettes. 

This is probably the most nude palette you’re going to get on this list, although it does contain blues and oranges. This is the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette. The colours in the palette are so versatile and for £37 you’re getting 35 different shades that all mesh well with each other. 

This palette packaging was pretty basic to be honest, it is the biggest palette within the list by farrr. It’s so wide but it is very thin and light. Another Meh thing about the overall packaging is that there’s no names of the shades next to the shades, they’re all written on the back which is unhelpful when filming videos for example. It also doesn’t have a mirror, even know it is the largest palette and others that are similar have mirrors? Especially as this would be PERFECT for travelling as you could create anything with this. 

This was actually my first Morphe palette I bought over a year ago and I was pretty impressed with most of the dark colours. There are a couple of shades that are very patchy, not to name any but Creamsicle and Pool Party from my experience.  However there’s only like three that are like this. My favoruite shade ever is actually in this palette. I am always using ‘Obsessed’ you could almost say…I’m obsessed. 

This is also my mums favourite palette so could be a good Mother’s Day gift! 

Packaging: 6/10

Formula:  7/10

Price: 7/10


I got this palette when it was a big hype, not going to lie, I don’t use it as much as I did. Mostly because I bought three other rainbow palettes that have more brighter and lighter colours. 

However the BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival palette (not the XL although this has a bigger variety of colours) is one of the best formulas I’ve seen for a while.

What really baffles me is that this palette cost £40 for 17 shades (15 eyeshadow and 2 highlights) 

But the XL has 40 shades (37 shades and 3 highlights) and only cost £2 more at £42, I don’t have the XL but if I could rewind time I would. 

It really can bring the creative side of you out and great for people who also want to experiment with colours as it has neutrals along with what I would call an everyday wearable colour. You can grab a brown shade but smudge it out with a yellow and pop a blue on your lash line and it would look OTT. Be careful though because this palette does have fallout, and i mean, fall out of the pan and go everywhere sort of thing. 

The packaging, It’s nothing special but it says what it is and i respect that. (My opinion is that the XL palette is simpler and actually a lot nicer to look at) For travelling I would say it’s ok, I personally wouldn’t choose this one. I would actually rather take Jacqulyn X Morphe than this one on holiday, mostly because this one is a bit thicker and I’d be scared to damage it because the formula is so rich I might not be able to press it back. 

Packaging: 7/10

Formula: 8/10

Price: 6/10

Hands up if you think I’m probably going to buy the XL palette nexttttt


The formula of all Jeffree Star palettes are exceptional, no matter which palette (I have all his palettes other than Blue Blood) This was my first Jeffree Star experience, at this point I binged had watched his video for about a month. This was actually the start of a revolution for me, I used to JUST buy Kylie no other brand. This was when I branched out and started buying other brands and when makeup kinda blew up in 2018. It was a great time. 

The palette is Jeffrees of course, Blood Sugar. The price of Blood sugar is a bit more expensive than anything else in the list so far (Other than Norvina). It’s £48 for 18 shades. Which sounds expensive, but I promise you the formula and the pan size is actually a lot more than you expect. You’re also paying for the packaging which is a thick leather red case that buckles up. This I would say is the only bad thing for me, the case is SO thick and also gets mucky easily? I’m quite a mucky pup and have powder and fall out falling everywhere so I have to baby wipe this palette often. 

Onto the shades as well are a great range of reds, browns and pinks. 

One of my FAVOURITE things about this palette is the shade names, I think all JS palettes just have great names but this one is so on brand with the palette but like all names are. I know other brands do it but this is a whole different level. Candy Floss, is a great lilac shimmer and really does have a great effect.

This also has the shade ‘Tongue Pop’ and I can’t tell you how many times I have used this shade. 

Packaging: 9/10

Formula:  8/10

Price: 6/10


Now I love Drag race, I got into it around season 6. So season 7 with Trixie was the second season i fully watched whilst it was airing. To be 100% real, Ginger Minj was my favourite of that season… but still Trixie was great in All Stars so 

I’ve never bought anything from the brand Sugar Pill but I defo wanted this. It was the Oh Honey palette by the one and only Sugar Pill X Trixie Mattel. 

The collection was $48 (which is UK £36.56) In the collection you got a pink lipstick and the palette. Also it was a limited addition palette as well which 100% adds to the value.

The lipstick I actually sold as I’m not a pink person colour.

BUT THE PALETTE!!!! Oh lord the palette is amazing, it’s small and compact, great for traveling, I took it to Amsterdam with me and it was all I needed. 

The colours are basic, I know this, but they go and it’s so easy for beginners to use. There’s a white for base, medium brown for crease, light brown to blend it out and a dark brown to deepen the crease. Then you have a selection of two pink glitters to pop on top and honestly it’s such a workable palette for every day and the formula is so smooth. 

Packaging: 8/10

Formular:  8/10

Price: 7/10


Finding an eyeshadow palette that has every single colour of the rainbow is quite difficult as people want to be all ‘toney’ and have tones of the same colour and match etc.

But Beauty Bay is different they did the whole shablam with there Bright Matte palette, for ONLY £23 for 42 colours, that’s less than £0.60p per shade! (I got it on sale for £16) This is the most pans in any palette on this list and the most worthy of a 10/10 for worth it for the creative average users. 

This palette is GREAT if you’re more of a creative person when it comes to make-up as you don’t even have to use it for eyeshadow. I used it for setting my face paint along with eyeshadow. 

The pans are average size, I have yet to hit pan on any and I use it practically every time i do face paint. The product formlar is easy to work with if you know what you’re doing, they a tad opaque and need to be layered but using a primer and layering it a couple of times will really bring out the colour.

I do wish that beauty bay would make a bit more effort with packaging, it just reminds me of Mac, plain black with their logo. Like i like their logo, but compare the mmmitchell palette to these is a bit like… hmm well ok.. But other than that I have no complaints, it is all about the eyeshadow anyways and there’s a big ASS MIRROR which is handy. 

Packaging: 7/10

Formula:  7/10

Price: 10/10


So this is probably the smallest palette I have, but honestly a little goes a long way because of how nice the formula is. This is Colourpops Blue Moon palette. 

The colours (if you hadn’t noticed by the name) are all different shades of blue, I don’t own any other blue palettes so I can’t compare however the blue shades within other products are not as near as bright as the ones in this palette. 

The packaging for all the colourpop main colour palettes is so cute, this one especially, some reason it reminds me of Grease The Musical because they sing a song called Blue moon. It is very plasticy and light weight, but it aimed more at the everyday user.  

Also this has been SO handy for the winter months, I’ve done loads of Blue looks. For boxing day I dida cute snowflake moment. 

The palette is $12 (Uk is £9.16 not including the shipping tax *rolls eyes*) and honestly for £9 I’m impressed, it’s a £1 each for a shade. I haven’t come across another palette this cheap that works this well.. Well this one out of a couple I have from Colourpop. I have a love hate relationship with colourpop, there are products I LOVE and products that arrived damaged and not what it said on the tin. But that could be for another day 😉 

Packaging: 8/10

Formula:  8/10

Price: 9/10


Another Entry for Jeffree Star! Coming in at number two is actually Jawbreaker, I know a couple of people who don’t rate this palette as much as Blue blood, blood sugar or Conspiracy. 

But I’m 100% surprised that THIS palette didn’t get the clout it deserved, EUGH  I love it so much, I love the pastel shades the most

The formula is Jeffree star, like I said before, if you haven’t experienced a Jeffree Star Palette yet, you just haven’t lived ok. It’s exceptional all round, I could name you a rubbish shade through ANY of his palettes. But the colour I LOVE and the formula is just *french kiss* is Gum Drop. I’m all about Gum Drop, it’s the Pastel Purple shade and i’ve never loved any shade more, mines a little destroyed because I use it so much. It’s so easy for purple looks and blending out and for pastel looks as well its a must! 

Gum Drop is not the only shade I love. This palette has a load of shades which I love, I mean look at the variety. It’s like a rainbow palette but without the rainbow. The best thing is, all the matte shades go really well together, like you can literally pair any two and ba-bam a match. The other two that I love are Cute and Brain Freeze, a look with this just reminds me of bubble gum cotton candy and that sour apple sweet that made your cheeks go ksjabfsdgfkdggl. You know? 

I will say… I WILL SAY… I wish it was cheaper, I know £54 for 24 shades is a lot and I know for the average person this is like whoa wtffffff!!! But if you save up, this will be the best colourful palette you buy. 

Packaging: 10/10

Formula:  10/10

Price: 6/10


Now number one was hard because I’m all about my colour palettes, however this one is the palette I use the most and it’s surprisingly not all about the colours. This is one which I use for everyday looks and can carry around for holidays and doing other peoples eyeshadow. 

This is the first entry for Kylie Cosmetics and the only one in the top ten. Which is odd because I own every single Kylie palette and yet none of them live up to the standards of this palette nor any of the palettes in the top 9. The palette is The Sipping Pretty palette, which initially was a limited edition palette for Kylie Jenner’s 22nd Birthday but because it got good reviews I believe she brought it back. 

I bought the WHOLE collection, it was mad, I was on holiday in a different timezone and 4G in another country was just crazy, but me and my sister were both logged on our phones to try an order. The shipping cost a bomb though… sort of wish I didn’t but no Ragrats.

The packaging is a great photo of Kylie enjoying herself in a bathtub, because why the heck not? But on the inside it’s a nice simple black with Sipping pretty on it in a 3D text. Which you  could argue is simple, but it works because of how it’s designed. 

The formula is the best out of any of her palettes.I feel like Kylie sometimes rushes out collaborations and collections. This one I feel like she did really think about, you can tell by the formula that these were really mixed well and thought about. Very different from her 9 pan formula where they’re almost dry when applying. 

The different colours as well are great, most of them being browns with few pinks. But they’re so wearable for anyone. I have really fair skin and this is quite a dark pallet however it still suits me.

Packaging: 10/10

Formula:  9/10

Price: 8/10

I hope you guys enjoyed this list, I know I did.

Let me know if you buy any of these and test them out, I’d love to know what you think

Peace out

Aimo :p

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