Scissors and Swords

So what do scissors and swords have to do with spirituality? Well, besides the obvious, there is a suit of swords in Tarot. For me, it’s more about choosing the right tool for the right job, and starting your own spiritual journey isn’t that much different.

I mentioned in my last post that I want to put myself out there. As a guide or potential friend, and I want my readers to feel that I am right for them. This is why I’m choosing to delve a bit into my own personal experiences today so that you can get a better feel for me.

Although I started with the Tarot at a young age, I was experiencing visions and clairvoyant feelings for a long time before being gifted with my first deck. I’ve always been drawn to the occult, to what is commonly called ‘new age’ despite there not being anything new about these practices. 


There are many ways to carry out readings. You have to consider the type of oracle, what is it you want to achieve, are you looking inside for greater understanding? Or perhaps you’re looking for answers about something that happened in the past? Maybe you’re looking to the future?

One of the most versatile ways to read your fortune – the Tarot deck – can be used for all of these enquiries and more. As such my content will focus on them quite a lot. I’m very fond of the feel of the cards in my hands and learning each new deck is like making a new friend for me. Treat the cards well, and they’ll become a trusted ally. It’s often said that your first deck should be given to you; personally, I feel that if you come across the ‘right deck’ for you, then you should buy it. All but one of my current tarot decks I bought for myself, with my oldest deck given to me as a gift. The rest, I picked up at various times of my life. I felt an inexplicable pull into a shop, or I just happened to pass by a display and felt something was calling to me. In each case, I left that shop with a new deck. A new potential friend. 

So why do I have more than one deck? Well, it’s like we said at the start, you need the right tools for the job. Each of my decks has their own style, their own distinct personality and a deck which works well with person A may not respond well to Person B. For this reason, I tend to encourage those I read for, to pick the deck they feel resonates with them. I take the same approach when buying cards of any kind, even trading cards. If it feels right, and I can afford it, I take the plunge.

Getting Started

Reading the Tarot in my experience seems to be a common starting point, but it’s not the only one. There are many ways to peek at what may lie beyond, maybe you feel more drawn to Runes, or even normal playing cards. Another person may find that crystals and practices such as Reiki call to them instead.

For me, personally, I have spent many years teaching myself to read the cards. My original deck has been passed on to another when I felt the time was right, and am now the proud owner of several tarot decks. Further to this, I became interested in Astrology, both the Western and Chinese zodiacs. In my teens, I was often found in the local library searching for every book on mysticism and the occult that I could get my hands on.

Looking back on what I am hesitant to call my ‘love affair’ with the mystic, it felt very much like falling down the rabbit hole. The more I discovered, the more I wanted to know and the more I began to question everything. 

What Next?

Moving forward several years I met many people who shared parts of my beliefs, or none of them. I’ve had friends who were open to my views and those who were more sceptical, but each and every one of those connections helped to shape me and allowed me to refine my personal spirituality. 

 As a person, I have always felt drawn to the role of guide and I feel that now is the right time to get back on the proverbial horse. I have amassed a large collection of books, tarot decks and other oracles, and I’m planning to write reviews so that can learn and enjoy the experiences with me. Where possible I will try to ensure that the tools that I talk about can be found online.

Other types of post I would like would be more educational, like talking about starting out with a certain facet of Spirituality, for example. On my Journey, I’ve delved into dream interpretation, astrology, tarot readings and numerology to name but a few. If my messages really resonate with you on a personal level and you feel that you’d like to reach out for a tarot reading from me, this is something I am open to in the future. If I can persuade some of my more spiritually-minded friends to join me, I may even post an interview occasionally.

For now, I am looking to establish a connection with you guys and hope that we can all continue to grow this community together. If there is anything in particular that you consider spiritual or that you want to know more about, please feel free to make suggestions. 

As we continue to move further into 2020 I am feeling cautiously optimistic, and I hope that you do too. We have lots to discuss and even more to discover.

Until the next time, many thanks for joining me.

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