Thought of the Day #20

Once upon a time, he would have killed a Banshee happily. But not now…

I’ve been writing Creatures of Hyfern for three months now. It’s possibly my favourite series/novels that I’ve done in a while. Mainly because it’s fantasy and nothing has to be too close to home and it can be as spontaneous it needs to be. Jakub is the main character – he’s a Vampire, Jewish, Asexual and Panromantic. He’s most likely my favourite main character since Ace of Hearts. And I’m pretty sure it’s because I love writing Ace characters.

I’m Ace Panromantic myself. I wanted more representation in books and films – which is why I wrote Ace of Hearts. And I loved it, but it wasn’t my genre. I’m a Romance Fantasy person. I live for a little bit of gore and adventure. It may be low-key Fantasy, but it’s Fantasy nonetheless.

During the conception stage of Creatures of Hyfern, I was thinking about the possible romances and the overall feel of the characters. I knew I wanted Jakub to be a Vampire, I knew he was going to be Jewish – being turned into a Vampire, sacrificing his place in his faith, to save his people from the Nazis. I also knew I wanted him to be a Queer character.

When I’m thinking of character’s and their possibly romance prospects, I think of how they’d act. It was natural for him to be funny, and flirty, but not sexually attracted to anyone, and without a preference to anyone.

If you’re interested in a vampire monster hunter with a side plot of romance – Creatures of Hyfern may be for you.

A new chapter will be released tomorrow! I hope you enjoy~

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