Dolittle Film Review

Dolittle is  a fun movie. I enjoyed it and was left wanting more by the end. They really gave life to the animals with their personalities and voices, and the characters felt like they were delivered well. I’d like to give them a nine out of ten for this fun and wacky movie.

For all the fun I had I can’t help but want more and am eagerly awaiting a director’s cut. The locations in the movie that they made were breathtaking and just screamed wonder. Dolittle’s very own mansion in this film was the first fantastical location we get to see. It was bright, colourful and filled with assorted animals. It was a drastic difference to how the movie started with Tommy Stubbins in the forest to hunt game. Problem is that he doesn’t want to and purposely misses a shot and accidentally hits a squirrel out of a tree. 

As silly as CGI can seem at times, I still loved how the animals acted and interacted with each other. Chee-Chee the gorilla played by Rami Malek shined the brightest to me and for good reason. His emotions felt natural for someone who was afraid of danger and failure and had to be coached on this multiple times even after taking on a tiger called Barry. They even had an ostrich learn to depend on others and accept his fellow champions as friends.

In anticipation I expected Dolittle’s wife Lily to be alive and hiding out on the fabled island that she was searching for. That fairy tale ending was not the case because she really did die at sea which felt like a better ending than having everyone alive and happy by the end.  Dolittle was a total success of a movie in my eyes. I doubt this movie will get a sequel nor do I feel like it needs one. That’s all I’ve got for now. See ya~

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