Thought of the Day #18

The best season of the year is , because…

I don’t think I have a favourite season…

I love Winter because it’s cold and frosty. I like how frost is made of tiny crystals that glimmer in the sunlight.

I enjoy Spring because the birds sing, the wildlife returns, and plants start to go. I enjoy the warmth of the sun and the light blue skies.

I enjoy Fall or Autumn because it’s the season of Hallowe’en and Samhain. It’s about the colours orange and black. It’s just before the Christmas madness begins and after the dreadful heat of summer ends. I like the food, the fresh chillis, farmers harvesting wheat, and The Nightmare Before Christmas being on tv once a week.

You should’ve asked me what my worst season is… I hate summer. Yes, the flowers are nice but I get to see them in spring. The smells are great but I get those in Autumn. The misty air and fog is mystical but we get that in Winter, too. Summer is hot and humid, it’s painful for my skin and it’s expensive. Buy a pair of shorts in Spring and they’re £20, buy the same pair in Summer and they’re now £40. It’s a nightmare and a pain, and the worst season of the year.

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