Thought of the Day #17

I want to eat less meat.

With my wellness campaign for myself underway, I have ended up creating a diet plan for myself. Planning out every meal, making sure that I’m not bored when I’m eating. There’s nothing worse than eating the same thing over and over again…

I decided to go shopping – I needed some fresh air instead of being stuck in the house. I bought snacks that are around 50-150 calories; two meatless burgers (made out of mushroom); meat free mince, and a few other low calorie goodies.

This evening, I changed my plan of having a Tex Mex Veg pie, and decided to try out the meat free burgers. I had a burger, with some salad and mozzarella in a gluten free bread roll – with some air fried chips (fries).

The burger was honestly the most filling burger I’ve eaten in months. It made me wonder – why don’t I eat less meat?

I want more meat free meals – it felt good, it tasted nice, and I’m full.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to cut more meat out. Here we go!

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