Aimo’s first post

Welcome to my first post here on T3ddyTalk

I’m Aimo. I’ve been doing SFX for 3 years and makeup around a year. Recently (October 2019) I decided to up my game, do regular posts on my accounts and use props more e.g. headpieces, wigs

For my first ever post here on T3ddyTalk I didn’t want to dive in with a tutorial or anything like that, I wanted to show you some of my proudest works and explain what you can expect from me. 

I’ll start off with what you can expect from me, I love makeup of all kinds, from natural makeup to the complete fantasy and crazy. So I will mostly be posting some of my work and how I come up with concepts.  But also will be giving you the best of, so my favourite mascaras for example, that I have come across. 

It’s not just make-up though, I do A LOT of skin care, (With the amount of shit I put on my face you can imagine how many spots I must get) 

I would also say that I’m much about fashion clothes and honestly I just review loads of things! So hopefully I can bring this all to T3ddyTalk

Now onto some of my personal favourite looks that I have produced. (I know Teddy did a top 10 but I want to show my favorites which show who I am and what I’m about) 

My favorite time of year is October, although I’m scared of all horror films. The scariest film I’ve watched is scary movie 3… you can call me pathetic but I already know. 

One of my favourite scary-ish looks has definitely got to be my half person half alien face, It was one of the first looks I did for October I had it pre-planned around the area 51 memes and did this THREE months in advance! I love planning things…

I always love including my friends and family in my work, it gives me great practise to work on other people and most of the time it takes over an hour to do, so you get to spend time with them doing something you love.

This is also another scary look and this was done on my Mum, because she’s a mummy. I thought it would be funny! 

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my mum makes a boss ass mummy 🧟‍♀️

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I also do facepaint, well only recently I’ve been trying to use face paint. I got inspired by my sister who always believes in me to become more creative and start using all the make-up I actually had. So any of my recent looks from december to Now are all done using my new Mehron Paradise paints, where I’ve really thought about looks and tried not to rush them. 

The one below was the first face paint look I did with my new paints and I was actually really happy with how it turned out

I wanted to up my game… start adding wigs and props and I’ve become a lot better at organisation and making things a lot smoother. 

I’m really excited to join the team and I hope you guys enjoy what I do! 🙂 

Peace out

Aimo 😉

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