Thought of the Day #16

How can you get credit, if you need credit, to get it?

It’s a load of bollocks. The system says we need experience to get experience. We need credit, to get credit. You need money to make money.

How can people progress in life if they need experience, money, or credit, to get experience, money, or credit?

The answer is that you can’t.

The reason we hear about large amounts of people going on game shows and competition shows is because it’s possibly going to be the only way for them to get what they need. If you need to make money, you need to get money.

The people that end up with what they need are those who others have taken chances on.

I was lucky, I got a chance – I was given a job without experience. Yes, they wanted the person to have the right background, which I did, but they wanted someone with experience in customer services and IT – I didn’t have either, technically.

The only experience I had was graphic design, writing, and having a clear speaking voice.

Now, I need money. And to get money, you either need credit or you need to hope you can win a competition. I have very little credit due to the fact that I have very little money.

The system is fucked, and is only good for those who have the money, credit, and experience… If you have at least one, you’re good to go… If you have two, you’re definitely living on the good side of life. And if you have three, you’ve got a monopoly – I doubt you’ll be visiting a food bank any time soon.

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