0 – The Fool and New Beginnings

When you think of the word ‘fool’, what comes to mind for you? Perhaps it’s a court jester or a person in your life who you would consider idiotic or even naive. For those who are more familiar with the art of Tarot, it may well be the cards as a whole, just the major arcana or even the card itself.

As this is my first post, I felt it fitting to talk about this card and what it can be used to represent. 

As a quick overview, for those not already familiar with the Tarot, the deck is made up of 78 different cards. This is then broken up into two unequal parts: The Major and the Minor Arcana, with the latter often being credited as the ancestor of the playing cards we use for everyday games, but I digress.

We find ourselves in the first year of a new decade. It’s an opportune time for new beginnings and transformations, and the perfect time to consider the message carried by card 0 of the 22 Major Arcana. 

It’s a reminder to embrace our inner child’s curiosity; to be open and receptive to new ideas. Linked to the planetary influence of Uranus in western astrology, it’s known as the ‘Awakener’ and governs our eccentricities.


Typically in most decks, the fool card shows a youth striding forward into the vast unknown of the future; sometimes a faithful dog will be trying to get their attention. However, this is not always the case, depending on the deck you have, you may have a court jester or you may have a different image entirely. When I started my journey with tarot I was around 12yrs old and my ‘starter deck’ used the traditional symbolism.

As the first card in the deck, if drawn upright it is a positive omen for things to come and can be a harbinger of change. Albeit in a more positive and less strenuous way than would be signified by the more infamous Death card. Although both cards deal with the idea of change and transformation, this is the symbol of a gentler, perhaps even gradual metamorphosis.

Standing here at the start of a new decade, I found myself at a crossroads, and, like the Fool, I realised that it can be all too easy to sleepwalk ever forward. Instead, I’ve decided to try and reconnect with my spirituality, and channel the spirit of the Fool.

Through my posts, I would like to offer myself as a guide to help those who may simply be curious, or who are looking for the next step in their own journey. In this sense, you can view me as the faithful hound trying to warn you away from blindly walking over the cliff edge. 

I would like to use this space to take you with me on my journey to reclaiming my spiritual-side, and maybe along the way, I can make a few new friends. Or some of you may make some new connections with other readers. Tarot is just one aspect of what I intend to write about and is one small piece of the vast world of the esoteric. In fact, I feel this concept of ‘Spirituality’ is so vast that it can be intimidating, in its own way.

After all, what is ‘Spiritual’? How does the Spiritual differ from that which could be considered Religious? Is Spirituality the same as practising the Occult?

These are all very interesting and valid questions, which would be better explored in another post. This is about new beginnings and new journeys.

This is an open invitation from me, to you, the reader, to join me, as I set out to rediscover what ‘spiritual’ means for me. There are no wrong answers, there is no test. All I ask if that you keep an open mind, to the ideas and concepts that will be discussed. 

We all have our own lives, and we are all made up of different experiences. The articles I write will be from my own perspective, and I will try, where possible, to maintain a neutral position. As such I would like to state that the views expressed in my posts are my own, and do not necessarily reflect on the rest of the team.

With that out of the way, thank you for joining me and I hope to see you again soon.

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