The Grudge – Review

I’m going to start off by saying this is another American take on Japanese ghost stories. I can’t say that I’m surprised by this or by how crap the ending up being. They managed to get some suspense in the movie but ultimately they wanted to go heavy with ghosts and unnecessary timeline jumping.

I don’t know where to begin with this. Let’s talk about their use of flashbacks; it was for the most part a huge waste of time that didn’t contribute to what the protagonist was going through. The only flashback they actually needed was showing how the curse got attached to Fiona in the first place and how she killed her family. What wasn’t needed was showing how the next family died in the house along with the landlord and his family.

It’s obvious they wanted to give some backstory to all of the ghosts that popped up in the movie. However, it should have only been one ghost. I found myself asking why everyone who died is coming back and trying to drive Muldoon mad but that could be chalked up to Fiona’s powers. The main goal for the Ju-on in this movie seems to be to drive people mad but by the end of the movie that doesn’t seem like the case. They give the illusion that burning the house down would end the curse but that entire plot was thrown out the window when you get to the end and the ghosts are still around and they just kill her off after her son went to school. 

Some of my biggest problems with this movie could have been easily fixed. In Japan, ghosts are portrayed as having pale skin to show they are dead but in this movie all the ghosts have their normal skin tones. They didn’t need all the jump-scares they used because seeing a creepy ghost move closer and closer to you in an unnatural way would have had a better effect. Finally, at the very end of the movie it felt like a kick to the nuts to cut to the front lawn of Muldoon’s house for an excessive amount of time rather than showing what happens to her or just cutting to a black screen…

Another American reboot that is a waste of time.

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