Thought of the Day #9

Am I really not even good enough for common decency?

Today was the first day off that I’d had in a while. After dealing with severe Chronic Pain for the last three weeks, I felt it was time for me to try and have a lie in.

So, I specifically asked for no one to wake me up.

But as usual, it didn’t happen. Between people texting me at 7 am, people shouting, and doors being slammed at 8am – I basically ended up waking up at the same time as I usually do to go to work.

Upon providing a sarcastic thank you to the people that decided to rudely awake me on my one day off, I got the response of well if you’re going to be like that, I won’t help you do anything in future.

Fucking pardon?

It’s annoying because if I know someone is wanting to rest or take a break, I will leave them to it. But if it’s me – it never goes as I need it to.

Because it’s always double standards. People will expect me to treat them a certain way, but they won’t treat me in the same way.

Maybe my next day off will be better?

I suppose we’ll have to see…

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