Thought of The Day #8

Without Compassion, there’s no progress.

I like giving people chances. It’s my main thing. I’ll give someone a chance to do something on a fluke. If it works out, great. If not, fuck it.

Maybe I do it too often? I see the worst situations and I try to help.

Today I saw a mother struggling to fund a laptop that she needed to go back to school. Her budget was £60, my laptop was £80…

Was it worth waiting around for another possible buyer just to get an extra £20? I didn’t think so. Maybe others will disagree. I know I’m not in the position to be giving things away. But £60 was a good price. I knew that if I’d tried to exchange it for cash at CEX or CashConverters it probably would’ve only gotten me £55. Why bother, right?

I might be niave, giving people chances without real reasoning. But I’d rather do that than be a twat. I get it, if you don’t want to trust people. I understand that. But a little compassion goes a long way, and I think that if we can’t compromise and be compassionate, we’re not going to move forward and progress in ourselves.

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