Thought of the Day #7

I’ve done nothing this year…

I put the following writing prompt to my team: We’re twenty-five days into the year. How many words have you written?

Honestly, the only pieces of work I’ve written is To the Person in My Attic and Creatures of Hyfern. So, I’ve practically only written four thousand words this year. Which in reality, it is a lot. But not for me.

I keep thinking to myself that I’ve done nothing this year but that’s not true. I’ve written two chapters, I’ve proofread a short story, I’ve proofread every article published on T3ddyTalk. I’ve tried uploading at least one post to MNIR a day, and have written a Thought of the Day post every day for the last 6 days.

I’ve worked on graphics for every post, designed a book cover for a client, and I’ve worked on getting DOORS and New Vibes together.

It’s taken up a lot of my time, but I’m in a happy place with my writing and enjoying designing again.

I can’t wait for the first issue of DOORS and the first edition of New Vibes to be released.

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