Thought of the Day #6

I am an organisational god!

It’s not unknown that I’m good at organising stuff and plotting. If I was an evil genius, I would’ve plotted and successfully taken over the world by the age of 12. But I’m not evil, so here we are.

I starting organising things when I got my first prescription. Medication really made me think about how my day should be. Honestly, it was obsessive at first and I can’t say that it’s not now. However, at least I can say that with how I am now – it’s more useful than it used to be.

I was asked today how I’m so good at keeping on top of my life. It’s chaotic being me, I have a job that takes a lot of fucking multi-tasking. I run T3ddyTalk as well as My Name is Riley. I’m the person people come to for help, whether it’s emotional, writing, or just general assistance. And let’s not forget that I have two disabled parents in my household. Oh, and I’m in a long distance relationship. I’m also an aspiring writer and a part time graphic designer…

So, how do I keep on top of everything? Easy. I use my OCD to my advantage. I live in routines, but they can be flexible. I don’t force myself to stick to them anymore – that ruined my life for so long. Now, I just make sure that I take care of myself and plan time for all the important things. As long as I’ve done that, then we’re all okay and everything else just slots into place.

It’s difficult sometimes, but it’s relieving to be in a routine that keeps me busy.

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