Throwback Thursday: The Establishment of LLLRanting

Some of you may not have been around long enough to know what LLLRanting (Live Love Laugh Ranting) was. So, I thought we could take a step back to 2013.

On January 23rd 2013, I came up with the idea to create a monthly magazine that would be formatted and created by myself – free to download – featuring LGBTQ+ and Mental Health topics. I didn’t have the network of writers that I have now, so it took a while for the first copy to actually be release.

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Just under a year later, on January 1st 2014, the first copy of LLLRanting Magazine – later to be renamed as Butterfly Pride – was released (unfortunately, the originals are no longer in circulation. If I ever find them again, I will upload them. However, for the time being – here is the first Butterfly Pride edition). It was a hit, we had a monthly following and there was a need for it. It was great that I could do something like that, and have support of a team. Most of the writers I was working with had degrees in Journalism and English, which I was still a high school student aspiring to be a writer.

Without fail, we produced a new copy of Butterfly Pride every month until March 2017.

There was enough demand for us to release more content, more frequently, that we decided to make a slightly smaller magazine called Quick Fix. This was just as successful. Publishing from May 15th 2015, until May 13th 2017.

Live Love Laugh Ranting was my baby. It was my passion – I got to write on a weekly basis and it was free for people to download. It was everything I wanted to do, I wanted to make content that was easily accessible – to everyone. Including people like myself.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Autism. These are Learning Disorders – my Autism is known for causing me to have difficulty concentrating and overall focus. While my Dyslexia made it extremely difficult for me to read. For example, I was able to read Spanish from the age of 13, while I didn’t actually learn to read English until I was 14. It was a nightmare.

Starting LLLRanting was my way to fight back against my teachers – specifically my English teacher who told me I was too dumb to get a passing grade in English, simply because my organisational skills and English wasn’t great.

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But, hey – fuck her. I ran a group, publishing two magazines, for over two years without fail.

And guess what? I got two B’s in English, no thanks to her bitchy ableist shit.

I had a lot of freedom with LLLRanting. Yeah, we didn’t have a huge following. Not in comparison to My Name is Riley and T3ddyTalk but it was a good, wholesome following where we got constant views and comments, feedback and overall just a great community.

And that’s what I want to build again. We’re starting off with daily content. Starting February 1st 2020, we’re going to be publishing content on a daily basis. And it’s not just going to be me and Sky. It’s going to be Sophie the Cat, Dan the Spider, and Aimo the Bunny.

Hey, we may even get some more writers to join us!

We’ll see~

I have a question – would you be interested in us putting a monthly/weekly magazine together? Something you can download and print off or read as an eBook on any device? Let us know!

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