Thought of the Day #4

Why would I want to smell like a flower?

I was asked: why do you use men’s deodorant?
Why? Because I like smelling like chocolate or oud wood? A bit of dark vanilla on the side.

I’m not sure what girls are supposed to smell like. Are you expecting anyone feminine or girly to smell floral? Because if that’s your expectation, then you’re clueless.
Girls, Women, and feminine people don’t have a scent. In the same way that Men don’t have a scent. Binary marketing is a nightmare, but you don’t actually have to fall for it.

I buy Men’s because it smells nicer to me and it’s what I want to smell like. I’m not a floral person. So, I don’t want to smell like flowers. And if a Man or Masc person wants to smell floral, it doesn’t make them any less of a masculine person.

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