Our Top Ten Looks by SFXAimee

We’re often sharing and reblogging work by SFXAimee – there’s a couple reasons for it: 1. they’re awesome as all balls. 2. We’re friends.

With it being Throwback Thursday today, I thought – why not do a top ten of all SFXAimee’s work? With written permission, of course.

So, let’s get to it!


First off, is one of Aimee’s oldest pieces. Back from the time when all they did was hand gore…

I decided to put this as 10 because it’s the only one without Aimee’s beautiful face in it. Otherwise, this is a cool and fucking horrifying piece! But it’s in the top 10 because you have to have skill to make this actually work!

Secondly, we have… GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

This piece is awesome! They capture the ball really well (see what I did there? GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!!!!!!) which is definitely why it’s in this list, and I feel like we’re going to see their growth quite a lot in this….

This piece just looks mental. It’s Final Destination burn through the head kinda style…

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@slyracoon 😄

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Once again, cool AF, and it really freaked me out a little… Final Destination 5 called, they want the SFX back. But I told them to hire Aimee instead.

Reminding me of The Nun which terrified the shit out of me…

The first full face piece that is in our top 10. I really like this piece, but trust me – there’s even better on the way…

This is like Smiley which I really like…

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12.03.2018 😝

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It’s been difficult trying to figure out what looks should be in the top ten, let alone the top five, but I feel like this one sits comfy here…

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which one of you darn kids stole my face??

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This is just mental for me. I don’t understand how people can cover their eyes so well and finish off the look while either not being able to see or having limited vision. These kinds of things blow my mind, but the ones higher in this list have stolen my heart.

Here’s the first piece of Aimee’s work I ever saw, and it’s fucking amazing for Halloween.

I just really like this piece. It’s not overly complicated, it’s elegant AF, and I can’t say no to pigtail braids and an orange and black striped top.

For the perfect Christmas colours, reminding me of some sweet peppermint candy canes – here’s the next one.

Do I have to say anything?
This is CUTE AF.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Aimee’s latest piece, this piece would’ve been my number one.

We all like the Grinch, right? I know I’m not a Christmassy person as a Jewish human. But The Grinch was one of my favourite films as a kid, and I really like this look. The cross over between Cindy and Grinch is just perfect!

We finally made it to number one, and this is definitely my favourite. I am very much a Fire and Ice by Robert Frost fan, so seeing a look that has a cool fire and ice look, is just perfection. This is the ultimate look for me.

The colours, the gems, the death stare… I love this piece so much.

And that’s it! You’ll be seeing more from Aimee as they’ve done a custom piece, just for us…

You’ll be seeing that a little closer to March 20th… No reason, though…

If you like Aimee’s work, make sure to follow them! They’re amazing, they release new content soooo frequently.

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Now, for a couple pieces that I really liked but they didn’t quite get into our top ten:

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wanted to do a cute Christmas look ☃️

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