The Effects of Gluten Intolerance

I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance in December 2016 after having very slow internal bleeding for seven years. It was a nightmare to get diagnosed but finally getting diagnosed and cutting gluten from my diet completely saved me.

I had so many issues when I had gluten – including, but not limited to: vomiting; nausea; headaches; mood swings; stomach cramps; bleeding in my lower bowels (literally the best way I can say this); bleeding in my upper bowls; bleeding in my stomach; acid reflux; scar tissue caused by acid reflux; tooth decay caused by acid reflux; skin out breaks; butterfly rash on my face; alopecia due to my immune system collapsing; fatigue; spots – SO MANY FUCKING SPOTS.

So, as you can imagine, finding out that your immune system isn’t complete shit for no reason was a relief. It meant that I could take out Gluten and improve my immune system and stop being ill all the time because I was always ill.

After three years of being gluten free, I ended up having to start eating gluten again in December. And at first, there weren’t too many issues. There was the odd stomach cramp. So, I was like –

I’m going to be okay!

I was really fucking wrong.

If anything, I feel worse now than I did before I was diagnosed. I have more symptoms now and it’s horrific.

The realisation that my body cannot process a lot of different carbohydrates due to the gluten, causing them to be flushed from my system and leaving me with fuck all to convert into sugar… Yes, my Hypoglycemia has come back. I’ve literally eaten Jaffa Cakes in the middle of the night, WHILE ASLEEP, because I’ve unconciously thought I feel shit, I’m shaking, I need food.

I shouldn’t be waking up in the night, shaking like a Chihuahua because my body can’t process the food I had for dinner! And yes, my body is a piece of shit for doing this to me.

But if it wasn’t for super greedy supermarkets up-ing their prices on special dietary items… I wouldn’t be eating gluten again!

And the thing is, is that everyone initially thought that I had Hypoglycemia because I’m fat. But guess what bitches! It’s actually because my body is killing itself because it doesn’t know what to do with gluten!

I can’t eat bread without ending up with the most irritating fucking cough possible.

And the worst thing is, is that I know I can’t just got back to being gluten free.

I like eating pasta, but I can’t afford gluten free pasta. The prices are going up, again, and I’m not even sure why!

The products aren’t better than they were, they’re just more expensive. I can just about afford to keep buying gluten free bread. But without time to cook my food from scratch, I’m having to cook a lot of stuff using cheap pre-made items like lasagne sauces and chilli sauces that typically contain gluten or may contain gluten.

In reality, I’m extremely screwed.

So, I’m going to have to deal with my hair falling out. I’m going to have to deal with the constant sickening feeling in my stomach. I’ll have to deal with the bleeding and acid reflux. I’ll have to deal with it all.

My immune system has already gone to shit, I’ve had the flu for three weeks. And I keep having allergic reactions to things I’ve not had to worry about in three years. My immune system had improved so much…

The realisation of what gluten can do to me, makes me angry of how many people sweep it under the rug and makes jokes about people like me.

It affects our immune system – the thing that keeps us alive.

It affects our ability to digest food which can lead to Hypoglycemia.

It causes sickness; mood swings, and can impact mental health conditions.

I will have to live with this, until I’m able to go back to my gluten free diet which will relieve my fatigue and pain. But for the time being, this is me.

I’m not looking forward to the years to come, if they’re going to be like this.

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