Spies in Disguise Review

Spies in Disguise is a crazy fun film starring some great actors and some fun animations. I managed to see this on Christmas day and it was packed. I’m not fond of being around large groups of people but the movie was great and kept me entertained and attentive. This film scores a solid ten out of ten from me.

It was a great time hearing Will Smith and Tom Holland bicker, learn and grow together as friends while trying to find the man who framed Lance Sterling.

While international affairs security forces chase Lance and Walter they have to rely on walters non-lethal tech to keep them safe.

Walters more notable inventions include his multipurpose pen that can shoot massive amounts of bubblegum, safety hug inflatable ball for protection, and the best invention ever, the kitty glitter grenade.  This grenade can stop a large mass of people simply by making them feel good as they stare into the sky at a giant kitty face with glitter everywhere.

By the end of it Lance learns that he has to let people help him in order to save the world. It’s hard for him because of good people he lost in the past. Sadly its by Lances own hands that our villain came to be. Lance sees the world as black and white, good and evil and its because of this he isn’t afraid to kill the bad guys. With Walters help he can change and learn that killing isn’t the way to making the world a better place.

That’s all I’ve got for this review so everyone

Have a good day ~

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